The Riot Shield, also called the SWAT Shield and Police Shield, is an item in Jailbreak, the only one that protects you from damage, and only obtainable if you own the SWAT Gamepass. It doesn't have much use, other than providing protection against weapons and criminals shooting you. However, this shield will only protect the player by 60%, and this still comes at a cost of a 25% reduced speed while holding it. The Riot Shield is not recommended to use when pursuing a solo target, but it can prove quite useful when engaging multiple targets firing at you. The Riot Shield can also be convenient for busting armed bank robbers, as the shield will allow you to get through the lasers to the vault without dying (unless the criminals are firing at you, which most cases they are).

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduces bullet and rocket damage by 60%. Criminals and Prisoners can still damage even if you use the shield.
Great for bank busting as criminals will have a harder time killing you. Requires the SWAT Gamepass, which costs R$300.
Useful for blocking gunfire while in pursuit if you in a seat that is open to gunfire (only for Police). Cannot use any weapons while the shield is equipped.
Slows the player down when equipped.


  • In real life, Riot Shields are used by SWAT operatives both defensively to block enemy fire and offensively as a way to charge at targets and knock them down.
  • When you equip the Riot Shield, you will slow down majorly, as the shield is meant to be heavy.
  • Often useful for busting bank robberies.
  • In real life, Riot Shields are light and can be held with one hand. But the one in Jailbreak, requires two hands to hold.
  • This item can be found here on the Roblox catalog. This item is also used in a game called "Prison Life" however you can use weapons while wielding the Riot Shield.