The river is a large location in Jailbreak. It is mostly used for criminals and police to drive their vehicles across the area. In the Winter Updates, there tends to be icebergs on it. After the Rocket Fuel Update, that they became smaller with each following update. After the Winter Update, all of the icebergs dissipated, signaling the start of Jailbreak's "summer" season. However, the flag that used to be on one of the icebergs is still there.



  • Even though often called a lake, this location is actually a river. One direction of the river goes to the Town and Volcano Criminal Base, while the other direction goes by the Gas Station 1 and towards the Ferrari spawn and a waterfall.
  • Lots of criminals and Police drive their Vehicles across the river to get to the Bank, Police Station 2, Jewelry Store, or the Garage as a shortcut or use it to escape police.
  • When Jailbreak first came out, the river was in the original map. The river has always been here, and is still here today. It has not been altered since release, excluding icebergs.
  • In the Winter Update, there were icebergs on the river. In later updates, the icebergs got smaller, and then disappeared.
  • There are some small white ramps in the water so criminals and Police can get their Vehicles out of the water more easily.
  • In certain spots of the River, you can swim out of the map.
  • The river splits the map in half, with 3 main bridges for use to cross and 1 bridge used for the train.
  • You will still take fall damage and ragdoll when landing in water if falling from a high height.
  • The river got it's first actual "island" in the 2018 Winter Update.