This page is about the Tesla hypercar. For the Tesla sedan, see Model 3. For the Tesla pickup truck, see Cybertruck.


The Roadster (known in real life as the Tesla Roadster 2020) is an electric hypercar in Jailbreak. It was released in the 2019 Winter Update, along with the Cargo Plane and skydiving.

The Roadster is a two-seater car that is located at the Badimo charging station near the Bank beside the river, spawning next to the Model 3. The vehicle costs Cash Icon.png600,000 in-game cash, which places it in the middle of the hypercar price range. When driving, the Roadster uses the electric motor noise, which is a quiet, high-pitched whine, just like the Model 3, Cybertruck, and Volt.

To keep in line with the movement to give all vehicles in Jailbreak an interior, the Roadster gained an interior in the Dogs Update of February 2021.

The Roadster is also well known for flinging out of the map, where it spins at high speeds before launching into the air, an effect commonly called "UFO mode" by the community. This effect is caused by the Roadster's model/chassis being relatively light in weight compared to other cars. This can be stopped by clicking the right arrow key, or jumping out of the vehicle. Badimo has made many attempts to fix the bug, and it has greatly lowered the chances of the glitch occurring, although it still has a chance of happening.


The Roadster is well known for having its fast launch and acceleration. It’s launch speed beats everything else in the game and the acceleration to top speed takes about 4-5 seconds, one of the shortest acceleration times for vehicles in the entire game. The Roadster is the quickest car in short to mid-range distances due to its launch speed and acceleration, which puts it ahead of every hypercar, regardless of top speed. It’s brakes and handling are among the best, making the Roadster a great hypercar in many practical cases. However, contrary to popular belief, the Roadster is the slowest hypercar in the game, along with being slower than some supercars, such as the Lamborghini and Stallion. It also has a poor reverse speed due to being an electric vehicle, just like the Model 3, Cybertruck, and Volt.

Overall, the Roadster is a great vehicle to buy, and is considered an alternative to the Chiron for inadequate drivers, due to its amazing handling.

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Top Speed
Reverse speed
One of the fastest vehicles, placing 8th overall. Comparable to the Lamborghini, Stallion, and Surus. Amongst the worst reverse speeds in-game, only comparable to the Model 3, Cybertruck, Volt, Mighty, and Classic.
A complete mismatch to every vehicle and it is absurdly powerful, comparable to the Jet Ski and Dune Buggy. Just like launch, it has an absurdly fast acceleration rate and time, only taking around 4-5 seconds to reach top speed.
It's easy to handle even at top speed and can make sharp turns easy. It competes with the Megalodon. One of the worst ground clearances, comparable to the Stallion and Model 3. It has comparable hill climbing to the Lamborghini, but much more unstable hill climbing and often flips over.
One of, if not the best brakes in game and can brake nearly instantly. Comparable to the Model 3, Cybertruck and ATV.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Among the fastest in the game in terms of practicality, despite not being the fastest in terms of top speed. Expensive, costing Cash Icon.png600,000 in-game cash.
Incredibly high acceleration makes it great for escaping enemies. Has a slow reverse speed. However, not the worst reverse speed.
Excellent handling at any speed; better than the Torpedo and on par with the McLaren's. Not very stable when driving off-road, tending to flip over and crash even after going over slight bumps.
Spawns near the Bank, making it a great getaway vehicle. Bounces a lot on low-end devices or connections.
Extremely powerful brakes for a fast vehicle. Slower than some cheaper/similar-priced vehicles, such as the Lamborghini, Surus, Stallion, M12 Molten, Airtail, and both Bugattis.
Has one of, if not the fastest launching speeds in the game. Tends to fling when crashing into walls and other cars at high speeds.
Fastest short distance vehicle, due to the phenomenal acceleration and launch.
The mostly silent motor makes it easy to drive stealthily and undetected.


A section for visual and audible media featuring the Roadster.


HD, Interior

The Roadster after the February 2021 Update and as of now.
The Roadster's interior.

HD, No Interior

The Roadster after the Atmosphere Update of May 17th, 2020 without an interior.


The Roadster before the Atmosphere Update.



The teaser images of the Roadster with an interior.


The Roadster featured in a graphics/lighting updated.


The customization teaser images of the Roadster.


The thumbnails for the Roadster.


The GUI for the Roadster.

Work in Progress

The Roadster shown as in the making/revamping.

Audio gallery

All sounds are from the stock (non-upgraded) vehicle unless stated otherwise.

Accelerating and decelerating.
Accelerating and decelerating in reverse.
Drifting around corners.
Driving with sirens on.
Driving through a tunnel.
Reversing in a tunnel.
Accelerating in reverse and braking
Accelerating forward and braking


  • This vehicle is based on the Tesla Roadster 2.0.
    • In it’s real-life counterpart, The Roadster had 4 seats, but in the game, there are only 2 seats.
    • The real-life Tesla Roadster is also a convertible whereas the Jailbreak version is not.
      • On release, the Roadster's roof was non-collidable, implying that the Roadster might have a convertible roof that can be toggled like the Jeep and Boxer. This was not the case, and the roof was made collidable in February 2020.
  • The Roadster is one of three Tesla-brand vehicles in the game, with the others being the Model 3 and the Cybertruck.
  • The body and window colors of the car are somewhat reflective. The only other vehicles with this trait are the Volt (body only), the Ambulance (windows only), and the Cybertruck (windows only).
    • As of the Season 2: Out Of This World update, the Roadster does not have reflective windows, as it uses glass because of its interior addition.
  • This was one of the most requested vehicles in the Jailbreak community, also being one of the oldest, with suggestions dating back to the early days of the game, in late 2017.
  • Due to this being an electric vehicle, the Roadster along with the Cybertruck and Model 3 have single-gear transmissions.
  • This is the third electric vehicle to be added into Jailbreak and is also the fastest electric vehicle in-game.
  • The real-life Roadster's price, when researched upon, costs $200,000, 1/3 of it’s in-game price.
    • This was most likely done for balancing reasons since the real Roadster claims to be able to rival speeds of the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron with a 1.9 second 0-60 mph time, and for Cash Icon.png200,000, it beats everything else in that price range.
  • When equipping gradient-color textures (such as Scorch and Frost), the texture is reversed.
  • This was the last vehicle to be added in 2019.
  • Even though it runs on electric motors, which are capable of rotating backward at the same speed as forwards, the Roadster has a bad reverse speed. This is shared with the Model 3, Cybertruck, and the Volt.
  • This is one of the two only vehicles that did not get a full model overhaul, the other being the Cybertruck. Instead, interiors were simply added to the current model.
  • When equipping a spoiler on the Roadster, the spoiler appears narrower than it’s regular width. This trait is shared with the R8.
  • This is one of the three only land vehicles with a different steering wheel design. This feature is shared with the Cybertruck and the Volt 4X4
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