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The SWAT Gamepass is a gamepass in Jailbreak that is purchasable for 300 Robux. It is a gamepass that is catered to the advantage of being a cop, but criminals can use the Rifle and the SWAT Van.

The gamepass description says, "It's time to dominate! Crack down on criminals with this extra gear. Unlocks new clothing, an even better machine gun, black pistols, and a riot shield. You even get a sick SWAT Van (with minigun!), exclusive to SWAT members. Riot shield blocks 60% of bullet damage!


When obtained, it gives access to:


  • Though it looks protective, SWAT Attire is completely just for looks, it provides no damage protection.
  • The Riot Shield reduces bullet damage by 60%.
  • Though an excellent gamepass for Police and criminals who want a good weapon and/or vehicle, criminals have to risk getting arrested or killed to get to the Rifle or SWAT Van (in addition, you need a keycard or Rocket Fuel get the SWAT Van outside the Prison parking lot). Criminals can't put on SWAT Attire, much like how they can't put on normal Police Attire, either, or use the Riot Shield. However, with the implement of the BOSS Gamepass, it is much easier to obtain the Rifle.


  • The SWAT Van wasn't originally implemented into the gamepass.
  • The Riot Shield blocks 60% of bullets, keeping you alive more if you hold it out.
  • This gamepass changes the pistol from a grey Pistol to a black Pistol. To do this, the regular pistol must be equipped, then the player will obtain the black pistol if it's clicked on.
  • Originally, the gamepass used to cost R$200.