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The interior of the Security Office, with the Shotgun and Pistol inside on a table.


The Security Office is a rather small location found at the prison. It is located on the cell floor, which is the lowest floor in the map, along with the bank's basement & the sewers. If you spawn as a prisoner, follow the opposite way the arrows are pointing in the cell floor, and you will eventually reach this location. You will need a keycard to get in, or a police officer must let you in. The armory here includes a shotgun, a pistol, but lacks SWAT gear and Police uniforms. Police only spawn here at "Cell Time," between 11 PM & 6:30 AM.


  • When Jailbreak first released, you were able to get into this location rather easily without a keycard via a Glitch. Though it is still possible, it takes more time than it did in the initial release of Jailbreak.
  • Occasionally, criminals or prisoners will camp this occasion during the cell time to get a keycard and/or weapons to make breaking out of the Prison easier.
  • This location has been here since the start of Jailbreak.
  • Cops usually dislike spawning here as it keeps them far from the action.