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An example of a BlackHawk getting shot down.

Shooting Down Aerial Vehicles is similar to tire popping but instead of shooting a car, you go for an aerial vehicle flying. A Helicopter, UFO, and the million dollar BlackHawk can be shot down temporary. To shoot an aerial vehicle, equip any weapon and shoot anywhere on the aerial vehicle. The amount of shots it takes to take down an aerial vehicle depends on how much damage the weapon used does. Once enough shots have been fired from the desired weapon, the aerial vehicle will fall out of the sky, smoke and a beeping sound will be heard for a couple of seconds. After a couple seconds the aerial vehicle will repair and you can continue flying.


  • When an aerial vehicle is shot down, dark gray particles that try to imitate smoke will fly through the air and the aerial vehicle will make a "beeping" sound. This process will last only a few seconds. Unlike tire popping, you can still slowly move an areal vehicle but it can not hover off of the ground.
  • There's a glitch where if an aerial vehicle gets shot down, you can get out and jump back in to fly again without having to wait for the vehicle to recollect itself.
  • The sound of an aerial vehicle shot down its similar to the sound of one in another Roblox game called "Redwood Prison."
  • If you get shot down, quickly hop out of the vehicle and back in; you will be able to fly away. However, the smoke particles will stay, following you until the timer finishes. The same can be done for tire popping, however you have to hop out of the land vehicles two times for it to work.