The Shotgun is a close-range annihilator, killing a player in four shots in point-blank range. However, the weapon is useless outside of the confines of an apartment or the bank, as the bullets spread like butter. It spawns at both police stations and criminal bases. A serious player will use this to slow down enemies so that you can outrun them. One example of this is when a Police officer is chasing down a Criminal that has been ejected from their car, is just coming out of the prison, or is deciding to walk, can be shot, and slowed down, making for an easy arrest. It is highly unlikely that you will get a kill at close range due to poor accuracy, both the shotgun and you, and spam jump, which may be annoying.

As of the Weapons/Items update, however, the shotgun's damage has been buffed, not changing the "close range annihilator" aspect of this weapon.


This weapon spawns in these areas:


  • Like the Pistol and Rifle, this got a model and damage change in the Weapon Update.
  • This is known as the best gun in Jailbreak due to its severe damage.
  • The Shotgun fires 5 pellets each shot doing 6 damage per shot, adding up to 30 if all 5 pellets hit the enemy.
  • Each pellet combines into a mix of the AK47‘s and Rifle's damage.
  • The old model shotgun was based on the Roblox Catalog gear item named: BB Gun.
  • This is one of the most frequently used guns in Jailbreak.
  • The old shotgun mesh used to be located in the City Criminal Base inside the side room of the main building. This was changed on August 14th, 2018 where it is gone, Until a Later Update Where the mesh was changed to current model.
  • The Shotgun originally got a buff from four pellets to five pellets.
  • In the Weapons/Items Update, the Shotgun costed $40,000; but was lowered to $1,000 in a patch update, due to many requests and complaints. Users who bought the shotgun for $40,000 in-game cash were refunded $39,000 in-game cash after the update.
  • The shotgun has been significantly nerfed 3 days after the Weapons/Items Update, due to the shotgun being overpowered.
  • The model of the "Shotgun" depicts the typical model of sawed off version of Remington 870.