The Soccer (Football Net) is one of Jailbreak's locations, added in the Wing/Spoiler Customization Update. The goal is part of the Dual Flag Spoiler Event, which is to get the giant soccer ball (football) into the net. The reward for scoring a goal is server wide, winning yourself & everybody else the Dual Flag Spoiler.

The objective of getting the Giant Soccer Ball (Football) into the net is rather challenging. You must push it from the Prison, across the City, up the hill and to the left of the Museum. When a server starts, the soccer ball will spawn in front of the Prison.

When you successfully push the soccer ball (football) into the net, the server will announce it in the chat and award all the players in the server.



  • You can push the small soccer ball (football) up to the net, but it won't disappear or award players with anything.
  • This was added in the Wing/Spoiler Customization Update.
  • Once you put the large soccer ball (football) inside the net, it will reappear right next to the prison, where it originally spawns.
  • Getting the large soccer ball (football) into the net any subsequent times on the same server won't grant anything to players that already have the Dual Flags Spoiler.