~Staff Applications are closed.~

Accepted users will be notified via a Discord DM or a Wikia message.

For users who sent more than 1 application, only the first application will be taken.

Hello there random wikia user, and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our wikia Staff. Before you apply, we have some requirements you have to meet, text in bold means it will increase your chance of getting hired:

  • Eligible: You must at least have a little bit of knowledge on Jailbreak.
  • Eligible: You must be able to cooperate with other Staff members and contributors.
  • Eligible: Never have any bad history in other wikis.
  • Eligible: Has experience on moderating a wiki.
  • Eligible: Has a minimum amount of 200 edits and has been a wiki member for at least 3 months.

  • Not Eligible: If you are known as a constant trouble maker.
  • Not Eligible: Not fluent in English.
  • Not Eligible: Have been related to any malicious actions.
  • Not Eligible: Under the age of 13.
  • Not Eligible: In all extensive purposes, if you are terrible a person overall.
  • Not Eligible: Like to show off, brag, or abuse your powers to prove you are superior.

If you have a question, ask any one of the bureaucrats!