When you join Jailbreak for your first visit, you will receive an offer for the Starter Pack. Buying it will have you receive a Pickup Truck, $4,500 in-game cash, and a Peach texture for all vehicles. Although this pack may seem useful, some say it's useless and costs quite a lot of Robux for its worth.


Over time, this offer has slowly become lower in value. With the addition of the Museum and the Train, making $4,500 has been made a lot easier, along with gathering enough money to afford the Pickup Truck & Peach texture.



  • The Starter Pack first came out when Jailbreak exited its BETA stage.
  • On the right side of the Starter Pack, there used to be a Bugatti with the Peach texture, and some believed that you would get the Bugatti, so they removed it and replaced it with a Pickup Truck with the Peach texture.
  • This exclusive deal only lasts 24 hours (1 day).
  • Once the Starter Pack expires, there is no way to get it unless you make a new account. (Technically you could find out the Starter Pack's product ID on Roblox and put it in your game and buy it, but that's kinda effort intensive.)