The Taser is a non-lethal weapon that holds an electrical charge, which if it hits a hostile Prisoner or Criminal upon seven seconds but it sometimes varies due to lag on some servers. However, the reload time is rather long (Four seconds). Accuracy is top-tier, making up for the lengthy reload time. When spawning as a police officer, the Taser will automatically be in the third slot of your inventory, though it can be changed via hotbar reordering.


This weapon is automatically placed in a Police Officer's inventory. Previously, prisoners and criminals could obtain a Taser by placing a one in a Bed Drawer as a Police Officer, and then switching teams to become a Prisoner, then picking up the Taser from the Drawer. When doing this, the criminal cannot use the Taser on other Criminals.


  • This is likely the most powerful weapon for the Police, excluding the handcuffs. This item is often used to see if a prisoner is innocent or not, as the player will ragdoll if hostile.
  • The Taser is actually the Laser Electrocutor gear item in the ROBLOX Catalog, which used to have the name "Taser," just like in Jailbreak. This Roblox Catalog item can be found here.
  • Its one of the only two items that are exclusive to the Police, the other being handcuffs.
  • There used to be a glitch where a Prisoner can spawn in with the Taser and handcuffs.
  • The Taser will make a victim arrest-able if the player is sitting in a chair (there is a glitch where if a player sits down, police cannot use handcuffs to arrest them).
  • It does not work if the player is inside of a vehicle.
  • You can obtain a taser as a prisoner/criminal if you get arrested and switch to the Police team before you go back to Prison. Switching to Police while arrested will make you a prisoner with a taser and the default police items except for the pistol
  • In real life, it is possible to kill someone with a charge of electricity from a taser. However on Jailbreak the taser does no damage, just stuns players.