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Team Switching

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.17.06 PM

The GUI used to switch teams.

To switch teams, click the circular half Prisoner-Police icon on the left side of your screen. It will say "Switch teams?" with a yes and no button. Click yes, and you will be redirected to the page that allows you to choose the teams. This page has a summary of the latest major update, the background will play from Police Station 2 to the Hospital, the Bank to the Jewelry Store, and the Bugatti spawn to the city criminal base. When you click Police, it will redirect you to a view of Police Station 2, and for Prisoner, the camera will be redirected to a view of the cafeteria or yard depending on the time. Click confirm to become on that team. There is a cooldown of 20 seconds to prevent overuse of team swapping. This is especially handy when trying to complete a mission or escaping prison via a helicopter. Sometimes, criminals will switch teams as an alternative to resetting to avoid arrest, so they do not have to wait in their cell as a punishment.