The Top Criminals (Most Wanted), commonly called the "Bounty Board" are criminals who have one of the top six bounties. It is ordered from greatest to least, in the order from left to right, and top to bottom.

If you arrest one of the most wanted, you will receive that player's bounty, their name will disappear off the board, and on top of that, he/she will be sent to prison. Police typically use this board of most wanted criminals to see whether or not the server they are in is worth playing in. Some police officers will commonly "bounty hunt", or switch servers until they run into a server with lots of people with lots of large bounties. If you're on the Top Criminals list as a criminal, you can expect a harder time robbing locations in the game, as Police will be targeting you and your bounty for cash.

As of the 2018 Fall Update, the Top Criminals Board has been turned a tint of orange, as a nod to the fall season.

The Top Criminals Board does not change color depending on the season, as the text of the players' name and bounty are listed in white.


  • This feature has been here since the start of Jailbreak.
  • At the bottom of both Top Criminals boards, there’s a message saying, “Arrest these criminals & earn their bounties!”. As of the Weapons/Items Update, the message will only appear when there are criminals with bounty.
  • The Top Criminals board can show up to 6 criminals with bounties. If there are more than 6 criminals with bounties, then the 6 highest bounties will be shown.
  • Most players, when joining a server, will check the bounty board to see if they should be a cop or not. Most players will turn into cops if the bounties are high enough.
  • Before the Weapons/Items Update, this was called the “Most Wanted Board”. At the top of the board was “MOST WANTED” in white text.
  • After the Weapons/Items Update, this is now called the “Top Criminals Board”. At the top of the board is now “TOP CRIMINALS” in red text.
  • Prisoners with bounties do not appear here.
  • Very rarely, the Top Criminals Board will not show any bounties. This only happens with old devices.