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The Train Station platform.


Train Station 1 is a rather minor location in Jailbreak. It currently doesn't serve a purpose, and it's presumed it's there to decorate the map. This location, when it was added, sparked lots of speculation as to whether or not Badimo would be adding a Train, in which case they later did, satisfying the player-base.


  • There is a ramp near this location that is supposed to get a vehicle on top of the building itself. This is recommended to do with a fast vehicle.
  • There are 2 Train Stations, one here and the other at the ATV spawn.
  • This train station was added in the Official Release of Jailbreak, which included a lot of minor locations like the Fire Station.
  • Previously, the tracks at this station were busted & broken.
  • Weirdly enough, despite it being called a "train station", the train never actually passes through here.
  • The train goes over the crossing between the entrance to this location.
  • In the 2018 Winter Update, an ATM was added to this location.