Train Station 2 is a rather minor location in Jailbreak. This location is the place that a criminal gets teleported to if they fail to rob the train. Though this location may be rather small, it appears that this plays a rather large role in escaping from police after robbing the train, seeing as the ATV spawns in the parking lot at this location. Players also often come here to get the ATV, especially after a train robbery.

This location has two benches, and a yellow safety line that tells players to stay back when the train is coming. Though the train passes through this station, seeing as it is a freight train, it does not stop but rather proceeds into the nearby tunnel where it later disappears, only to respawn minutes later on the other side of the map.
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The train bypass the Station


  • This is the first and only train station to have the Train actively run through it.
  • This is the second train station in the game, the first one being a larger one, though the train does not run through the first one.
  • Before the 2018 Winter Update, only the ATV spawns here.
  • During 2018 Winter Update, the Dune Buggy spawned here, but this was later reverted.