Train Tunnel 2 is a small location in Jailbreak, located next to the City. This is the second tunnel after Train Tunnel 1. It is the only tunnel that it is accessible and is where the Train passes through completely without despawning. After this tunnel the Train continues to Train Tunnel 3, where it despawns and respawns again at Train Tunnel 1. At one end of the tunnel there is a car park where the Model3 spawns and at the other is the City Criminal Base.

As of the Train Patch Update, it's common to find criminals jumping out of the train trying to rob it again in this tunnel. Sometimes, a player may encounter police waiting at the end of this tunnel or near the criminal base to arrest them.


  • Before the Train Patch Update, it was very hard to rob the train from jumping down from the mountain above, and just getting on the train, overall.
  • The Sunflower Easter Egg can be found at the start of Train Tunnel 2 near the Model3 spawn.