Trees are objects in the game with a brown trunk, and a big bushy green mesh on top of the trunk. They're everywhere in the world of Jailbreak, mainly to help fill up the game. Most trees are non-collidable meaning cars cannot drive through them without hitting them. Only the tree bark part is non-colidable, the foliage is colidable meaning you can hide in the trees. However, some trees are not solid and you can walk/drive through them. For example, on the road left of the garage, the trees in the middle are not solid. Trees are one of the first things to be added in Jailbreak, in fact when the game first came out, trees were already here. Trees are pretty common to see, as they are everywhere around the map. Trees are expected to go through seasonal change, for example. During the Winter Updates, the trees had snow on them. During the Fall Update, most trees have turned orange and yellow or red; along with the landscape. The tree's leaves, however, did not fall off.



  • When Jailbreak first came out, so did the trees. The trees were here since the start of Jailbreak.
  • Trees usually change color based on the season or update theme. The trees are white in the winter; and orange, yellow, or red in fall.
  • Not all trees are green, some are dark-green, some are light-green, and very rarely, some might be orange.
  • One tree, near the Prison, has the Blamo and Bees Easter Egg behind it.
  • Trees can vary in size, some are small, many are big.
  • There is only one tree in Jailbreak that has snow on top of it as of the most recent update.
  • Surprisingly, during the "Winter Update," the leafs on the trees did not fall down, instead there was snow on top of the leafs.
  • Only some trees have non-solid trunks, typically those in the City; this is to prevent cars getting jammed by trees, and to make it easier to drive around in the city.