The UFO is a vehicle released on April 1st, 2018, the Alien Update. It costs $500,000 in-game cash and is found in the Meteor near the Town Garage and the 1M Dealership, which, over the course of a few updates, cracked, and eventually revealed the vehicle inside. The UFO has been a long-speculated vehicle, and also ranked as one of the most requested vehicles. During the Return to Earth Update, the UFO received a 20% speed boost, due to many complaints from the community on its slow speed. Despite having a conical beam under the vehicle, it has no function (cannot abduct anything) and is purely for aesthetics (decoration).

Advantages Disadvantages
Small in size, fits in small places and difficult to shoot down. Very expensive.

At top speed, the UFO is almost silent to everyone close to it, very good for escaping unnoticed.

On the contrary, the glowing lights and beam that the UFO possesses are very visible to nearby players.   
Reasonably quick; just barely slower than the Helicopter. Only has 2 seats (Driver + Passenger).
The same size as the McLaren, so its hard to shoot down. Even with its fast speed and acceleration, it's the slowest aerial vehicle in the game.
You can use it to get on the Cargo Train and Passenger Train much like the Helicopter. Can only fly at a certain height, while Helicopters and BlackHawks can fly higher.
An easier flying vehicle for criminals to access, as the Helicopter usually requires a keycard and hijacking to access.

Spawns near the town garage, quite desolate in location.

Faster acceleration than the BlackHawk. The passenger can't use guns.
Unlike the Helicopter and/or BlackHawk, the UFO doesn’t have solid rotors and/or a pair of landing skis that get stuck/hooked to buildings in the City. The UFO doesn't have a rope.



  • UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.
  • Unlike other vehicles, the UFO doesn't have a price tag, making new players believe that it is map decoration or that it was free unless they get close enough to it to see the "E" prompts.
  • Like the SUV, the SWAT Van, the Helicopter, the BlackHawk, and the blue Camaros that spawn the Police Station, it spawns in one specific color only, and also in only one location.
  • It floats up and down slowly when not moving.
  • The UFO is the same price as the Bugatti.
  • Like the Volt Bike, BlackHawk, Helicopter, the UFO does not have a license plate, and cannot have spoilers on it.
  • The UFO does not have a rope, unlike its counterparts. Although the rope GUI actually shows, when pressing it, nothing happens.
  • This is the slowest aerial vehicle in the game, being beaten by Helicopter in speed.
  • During the back to earth update, the fly height of the UFO was buffed.