NOTE 1: Any useless information that was not mentioned by the developers is going to be removed UNLESS you have proof.

NOTE 2: For information on what’s already implemented in Jailbreak, click here.


Here, we have logged all of the upcoming updates that are currently not in the game. Feel free to edit this page when an update is confirmed, unless cancelled. This page is about future updates in the game. These include confirmed updates, which are confirmed by the creators; possible updates, which are updates that have been hinted at; and cancelled updates, which were officially confirmed by the creators to never happen. All other ideas are on Badimo's Trello, which can be viewed here.

Confirmed Updates = WILL happen, (Will definitely happen unless it's cancelled later by Badimo).

Possible Updates = MIGHT happen, (Received good feedback/noticed by Badimo but not officially confirmed it will be in the game).

Cancelled Updates = WILL NEVER happen, (Unless it's considered possible again by Badimo).

Confirmed Updates

  • New robbery location where criminals and cops can earn cash.
  • Fixing the missiles on the BlackHawk.
  • A new battle royale gamemode for VIP Servers that can be turned on and off by VIP Server owners.
  • Airdrop Briefcases will drop weapons during the battle royale mode.
  • Nerfing the amount of cash a player receives from duplicate safe items.

Possible Updates

  • Better apartments ("a way for police to breach apartments to get criminals out", or "a payment system that doesn't cost cash every day")
  • Grappling hook
  • Nukes
  • Crafting
  • Trading (vehicle textures, etc) with other players
  • Security cameras
  • More players in one server

Cancelled Updates

  • Police dogs
  • Citizen team
  • Player points
  • Car health
  • Ability for police to choose their spawn point