Vehicle locking is a useful & commonly used feature in Jailbreak. It can be used for any vehicle, even aerial vehicles. To lock your vehicle, go to the bottom right of your screen, there is a GUI that says "Lock". Press it and the GUI will change and say "Unlock", signifying that your vehicle is locked. Of course, you can unlock your vehicle at any time to let your friends or other players in. You can enter your vehicle if it's locked.

If you don't want players entering your vehicle, click the “Lock” button. If a passenger is inside your vehicle and you don't want him/her inside, click their player's name above the “Lock” button to kick them out.



  • This feature came out on May 20th, 2017, along with the Mini-Cooper.
  • If you lock your vehicle, the GUI will turn blue and the text will say "Unlock".
  • When your vehicle is unlocked, the GUI will be gray and will say “Lock”.
  • Any vehicle that you're driving, you can lock, including aerial vehicles.
  • You can lock/unlock your vehicle at any time.
  • Leaving your vehicle and entering a new one will automatically unlock the previous vehicle you were driving. This is also same if you try to enter an already locked one.
  • As of the Wings/Spoilers Update, this feature had a major change where you can no longer lock your vehicle near other vehicle spawns. This was added to prevent players from trolling and causing certain vehicles to unobtainable since the vehicle was locked. If you try to lock it, the GUI will change to blue, but won’t be locked. In addition, a notification will appear saying “You cannot lock your vehicle here”.