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The Vehicle Stereo Gamepass is a gamepass in Jailbreak that costs 250 Robux. It does not affect core gameplay and is more suited for entertainment.

This gamepass allows the player to input any audio ID from Roblox’s Library into the vehicle radio (accessed by pressing "R" as a driver) and having that audio play on loop to the player and anyone else within a certain radius nearby until either the radio is stopped, the vehicle despawns, or the player goes further than the area in which the radio can be heard. It can be used for a wide range of entertainment-related purposes, from playing music to broadcasting loud memes and strange noises.

There is also a bass slider with the radio but it seems this doesn’t do much to the sound quality, other than giving the bass of the song very light boost. If you put the slider all the way down & listen closely, you will notice that the audio does seem a little bit more static.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 10.20.07 PM

The Stereo GUI.


  • In the past, before Jailbreak got its slight GUI overhaul, you had to type "/mute" into the chat to mute all boomboxes/car stereos.
  • This gamepass can be bypassed by having a friend let you use their vehicle, or they can put the music on your car for you.
  • This gamepass has been used less when it was first added to the Store.
  • You can change the bass on the GUI, but it doesn't seem to do much.
  • The description of this gamepass is, "Ready to turn up some jams? This pass enables you to use any sound in the Roblox Catalog while driving. You'll be heard by other players while you drive around. You also can use this in your Apartment."
  • If you don't have the gamepass, you can still stop the music in another player's vehicle if it's not locked.
  • The only way buying this can be an advantage in-game is if you use loud ear-shattering sounds, but cops could still just mute their computer and arrest you.