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For information regarding robbery vehicles, see Moving Heists. For the vehicle that drops briefcases, see Stealth Jets. For the passenger planes at the two airports, see Private Jet. For the vehicle that drops-off the Sword, see Ship.

Vehicles are one of the primary aspects of Jailbreak. Vehicles are used for many purposes, including traveling around the map, chasing players, racing, or making quick getaways from robberies.

There are currently seventy-three vehicles in Jailbreak.

List of Vehicles

  • Red price tags indicate that a vehicle is unobtainable.
  • Yellow price tags indicate that a vehicle is going off-sale soon. Buy while you can!
  • Gray price tags indicate that a vehicle has been completely removed from Jailbreak.
  • Green price tags indicate that a vehicle costs Robux.
  • Cyan price tags indicate that a vehicle hasn't been released yet.

Toggle Info

Camaro Police Camaro Pickup Truck Deja
Free Free Cash Icon.png9,000 Cash Icon.png10,000
Camaro HD.png
Jailbreak's starter car. They can be found practically anywhere. The origin of the "Police Cars are faster" tip. It was removed in 2017 because of a new siren system. This truck performs like a Camaro, with only 2 extra seats. An affordable little sports car. Drifting creates a unique tire smoke trail effect.

Model 3 Mighty Ray Interrogator
Cash Icon.png16,000 Cash Icon.png25,000 Cash Icon.png25,000 Cash Icon.png30,000
For its price, this electric sedan sports crazy acceleration. This hatchback retired in 2020, but returned as a season reward in Season 3: Looking Back. A classic sports car, with fair stats. Found at the Cargo Port. Spawning at Police Stations, this SUV is a dependable vehicle for cops.

SUV Patrol Steed Classic
Cash Icon.png40,000 Cash Icon.png45,000 Cash Icon.png50,000 Cash Icon.png50,000
Classic Icon.png
An average SUV that spawned in the Prison parking lot. It was retired in July 2020. This police bike is essentially an upgrade to the Dirtbike, being better everywhere. Once found at the Town Gun Shop, this average classic muscle car is now retired. Coined the "Boomer Car", this vintage car sat next to the Museum until 2022.

Boxer Challenger Posh The Camper
Cash Icon.png55,000 Cash Icon.png59,000 Cash Icon.png70,000 Cash Icon.png79,000
Replacing the retired Posh, it has average performance. Pressing "G" will toggle the roof. Found at the Town Gun Shop, this powerful muscle car has great speed but somewhat slippery handling. An open-top sports car that spawned outside of the Museum. It retired in November 2020. A camping van introducted in Day 1 of the Return of 5 Days of Vehicles event.

Toggle Info

Beam Hybrid Macaron Shell Classic La Matador
Level 10 in Season 1 (Value: Cash Icon.png100,000) Level 10 in Season 10 Tier 5 Safes (Cash Icon.png100,000) Cash Icon.png100,000
Beam Hybrid HD.png
Remodelled Lamborghini.png
This stunning supercar was Season 1's Grand Prize. It is quite rare. Season 10's Grand Prize. It is low, fast, and has active aero. This classic American Racer is available from The "Legends" safes. Jailbreak's first, and entry level supercar. It offers fair stats.

Surus Ray 9 MCL36 Stallion
Cash Icon.png109,000 Cash Icon.png199,000 Cash Icon.png200,000 Cash Icon.png200,000
Surus HD.png
Found at the Police Station, this Super SUV offers more seats than its 2 door brother. A classic, reborn. Located at the Casino. Like the classic, it is average. The sole Formula One car in the game. Only available during the McLaren F1 Event. A red supercar found at the Train Station and Airports.

JB8 Megalodon Icebreaker Brulee
Cash Icon.png200,000 Cash Icon.png300,000 Level 10 in Season 7 (Value: Cash Icon.png500,000) Cash Icon.png500,000
This supercar was featured during the old Season 3. Interestingly, it has 3 seats. Infamous for a bad price to performance ratio, this supercar was retired in July of 2020. This German EV was Season 7's Grand Prize. Like any EV, it's real quick. Jailbreak's fastest car, it took, records upon release. It was retired in March of 2020.

Eclaire Beignet M12 Molten Torero
Cash Icon.png500,000 Level 10 in Season 6 (Value: Cash Icon.png500,000) Cash Icon.png599,000 Cash Icon.png599,000
Replacing the Brulee, this hypercar was the first to feature detailed interiors and first-person driving. Essentially a grippier Eclaire, this extreme car was Season 6's Grand Prize. Jailbreak's first community creation, by RallySubbie. It was availablde for ten days. This retro supercar sports an insane launch. It was available for 9 days.

Roadster Airtail Snake Torpedo
Cash Icon.png600,000 Cash Icon.png600,000 Cash Icon.png649,000 Cash Icon.png750,000
Airtail HD.png Snake Main.png
An electric hypercar known for its absurd launch and agility. Among the best in the game. Long, elegant, and under-used, the Airtail was retired in the first update of 2022. Created by oof_ed, this limited British track toy was obtainable for a mere 10 days. Being only available from classic Seasons, this Swedish hypercar is highly sought after.

Toggle Info

Jeep Jackrabbit Dirtbike Badger
Free Level 8 in Season 9 Cash Icon.png35,000 Cash Icon.png45,000
A better alternative to the Camaro. It has more seats and better off-road capability. A Japanese sports car modified to tackle dirt trails. Available during Season 9. This bike is nimble, but slow. Not good for long distance. A 2-Door, 2 Seat Off-Road SUV located at the Museum.

Dune Buggy ATV Cybertruck Raptor
Cash Icon.png45,000 Cash Icon.png50,000 Cash Icon.png100,000 Cash Icon.png150,000
Dune buggy fix.png
For a cheap price, this vehicle is super-car rivaling. Despite being slow, this has great acceleration and off-roading, this is a useful getaway vehicle. This electric pickup has six seats and quick acceleration. This pickup truck was for the Police team in the original Season 3.

Sentinel Monster Truck Trailblazer
Cash Icon.png250,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000
Revamped Monster HD.png
A large police transporter seating up to seven. Found at the Military Base The biggest and most expensive off-roader in Jailbreak. It was the first 1M vehicle. A supercar mixed with a dune buggy. What more could one ask for?

Toggle Info

Celestial SWAT Van NASCAR Free Toy Camaro
GoldenRobux.png300 GoldenRobux.png400 Free Level 8 in Season 11
Celestial Revamped.png
A luxury grand tourer with a turret. Obtained with the BOSS Gamepass. This massive 8 seater has a roof mounted turret. Obtained with the SWAT Gamepass A stock car free to anyone who logged in during the NASCAR Event. Its livery was created by Hurricane_48. Jailbreak's starter car, but for a 3 year old. Available during Season 11.

Bloxy Tow Truck Ambulance Volt 4X4
Level 10 in Season 11 Cash Icon.png80,000 Cash Icon.png90,000 Level 10 in Season 3 (Value: Cash Icon.png100,000)
A full size LEGO of a classic supercar, and Season 11's Grand Prize. Found in the Beach Town, this heavy-duty truck can pull any vehicle. Found at the Hospital, this vehicle has a stretcher in the back, with the unique ability to heal players sitting in it. Season 3's Grand Prize. It is wide, and drives like no other.

The Rattler Banana Car NASCAR Firetruck
Level 10 in Season 4 (Value: Cash Icon.png100,000) Level 10 in Season 5 (Value: Cash Icon.png100,000) Cash Icon.png100,000 Cash Icon.png175,000
Banana car.png
Season 4's Grand Prize. It has special effects on its animated engine. A banana, but with wheels, seats, and headlights, the Grand Prize of Season 5: Let the Memes Begin. With a skin from door979hungry, this stock car was only available during the NASCAR Event. A large vehicle that features a water cannon and a retracting ladder.

DeLorean The Agent Arachnid Volt
Cash Icon.png175,000 Cash Icon.png600,000 Cash Icon.png750,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000
A devoted fan's requested car. It is able to drive on water. James Bond's legendary ride. Yes, missiles included. Only available for 6 days. The Arachnid resembles Batman's Tumbler, and was featured in original Seasons 1 and 2. This light cycle is notorious for being absurdly quick, and hard to catch.
Tank Concept
Cash Icon.png1,000,000 Cash Icon.png2,500,000
A weaponized vehicle that while not fast, can deal major damage. The most expensive vehicle in the game. It has a number of special features.

Toggle Info

Helicopter Celsior Crew Capsule Little Bird
Free Level 10 in Season 8 Level 10 in Season 2 (Value: Cash Icon.png100,000) Cash Icon.png190,000
Youtubers pls don't use this in your thumbnails 😭.png
The sole free aerial. Criminals must hijack it before use. This hovercar was the Grand Prize for the futuristic Season 8. Nicknamed the "Flying Egg", this little spaceship was Season 2's Grand Prize. This compact helicopter is found atop the Bank, and is useful for robbing the Cargo Ship.

Stunt UFO Jet Blade
Cash Icon.png200,000 Cash Icon.png500,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000
A plane that emits smoke while flying. It is the second-slowest vehicle in the game. This highly unique alien vehicle is tucked away in the Military Base. A fast plane equipped with powerful missiles. Operating it may take some getting used to. Known for its incredible performance, the Blade was one of the best until its removal in October 2020.

Drone Black Hawk Lia's Spaceship
Cash Icon.png1,000,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000,000
The Blade's replacement. Just like the former, it's among the best. This military helicopter has a plethora of features and abilities. A special gift for L_iiaa when she reached one billion cash in Jailbreak.

Toggle Info

Jet Ski Cruiser Sloop
Cash Icon.png25,000 Cash Icon.png35,000 Cash Icon.png1,000,000
Incredibly fast, with top speed rivaling the Roadster. However, it is restricted to water travel. A convenient two-seater speedboat found at the Cargo Port and Island Prison. This large pirate ship is the largest vehicle in Jailbreak, and known for its impracticality and considerable price.

Vehicle Spawns


Vehicles in Jailbreak can be purchased with in-game Cash Icon.pngcash, through obtaining gamepasses, or by reaching Level 10 in a season. The La Matador is a special case: it can be rented for one real-life day with an optional payment of GoldenRobux.png99, or can be bought for Cash Icon.png100,000.

There are seventy-three vehicles in total, excluding the five moving heists and two undrivable vehicles (the Stealth Jets and the Private Jet). This number is made up of sixty land vehicles, ten aerial vehicles, and three watercraft.

As of October 20th, 2021, there are forty-six vehicles available for purchase, the other twenty-six being retired or removed. The remaining vehicles are made up of thirty-six land vehicles, seven aerial vehicles, and three boats.

The best vehicle for a player depends on their personal preferences. The most expensive choices all have unique features that suit some players better than others, and every vehicle has its pros and cons.

Free Vehicles

Five vehicles are completely free of cost, two of which were only obtainable for a limited time:

  • The Camaro is an iconic getaway vehicle due to having the most spawn points out of any vehicle in-game. It can be spawned by anyone by using Mobile Garage.
  • The Helicopter is practical and has many uses, but it is not easily accessible as its spawn points are located in Police-related locations.
  • The Jeep is only found at the Military Base, but can also be spawned by anyone by using Mobile Garage.
  • The NASCAR (Free) was a limited-time vehicle found in the NASCAR Building. It can also be spawned by using Mobile Garage.
  • The MCL36 was another limited-time vehicle found in the McLaren Skyscraper. It was free for a limited-time and players had to pay Cash Icon.png200,000 to keep it when it became unobtainable.

Unobtainable Vehicles

There are twenty-five unobtainable vehicles in total:

All of these vehicles, except the Blade and Police Camaro, can only be spawned and driven by owners. Upon attempting to obtain them, non-owners will receive a notification informing them of the vehicle's unattainability:

  • For seasonal vehicles, a pop-up will appear saying, "Vehicle is from another season".
  • For retired and limited-time vehicles, a pop-up will appear saying "Vehicle is retired".

It has been stated that these unobtainable vehicles will not become obtainable in the future and that Lia's spaceship will never be obtainable for any other player.[2] However, the M12 Molten may return in the future for a higher price.[3] The Mighty was retired in the Gun Skins Update, but returned as the Level 6 prize in Season 3: Looking Back!.[4]

Vehicle Features

Vehicle Controls

Main article: Controls.

Key Action
(W) Accelerates the vehicle forward
(S) Accelerates the vehicle backward
(A) Steers the vehicle to the left
(D) Steers the vehicle to the right
(E) Enter vehicle
E/Space Exit vehicle
  • Fires missile (Agent and Tank only)
  • Toggle Police Sirens
(G) Triggers the water cannon of the Firetruck/Opens and closes the rear doors of the Ambulance/Opens and closes the soft-top of the Jeep and Boxer
(H) Triggers the horn
(L) Triggers the headlights
(Q) Activates Nitro/Moves the turret on the Tank
(R) Opens the Radio UI
(V) Flips the vehicle

Key Action
(W) Accelerates the vehicle forward
(S) Accelerates the vehicle backward
(A) Steers the vehicle to the left
(D) Steers the vehicle to the right
(E) Ascend vehicle/Enter vehicle
(Q) Descends vehicle
(B) Drops bomb
(F) Fires missile (Black Hawk and Jet only)
(R) Opens the Radio UI
(G) Drops the rope
(L) Triggers the headlights
(H) Triggers the horn
(Space) Exit vehicle

Key Action
(W) Accelerates the vehicle forward
(S) Accelerates the vehicle backward
(A) Steers the vehicle to the left
(D) Steers the vehicle to the right
(E/Space) Exits the vehicle

Vehicle Customization

Main article: Vehicle Customization

Vehicles in Jailbreak can be customized in several places.

Land vehicles can be customized in any of the five garages, which can be found in Bounty Bay Airport, Rising City (the helipad on top too), Cargo Port, Military Base, and Town.

The UFO, Stunt, and Jet can only be customized on the helipad on the City Garage and customization hangars at the Bounty Bay Airport and Military Base, while small air vehicles like the Little Bird can be jammed into the garage spaces.

Water vehicles have the Customization Dock, which is located in the Cargo Port, nearby the Rising City Criminal Base.

If a player does not wish to travel to a vehicle's specific spawn location or a garage to customize their vehicle, they can buy the Premium Garage Gamepass, also allowing them to spawn any land vehicle and aircraft from season rewards as long as a member of the opposing team is not nearby.

Customizing a vehicle is a good way to improve performance or show off a unique design that will stand out from others. Before the NUKES! Update, the tips bar above the inventory stated that Criminals could go to a garage to "disguise" their vehicle from Police. There was also a glitch where a player could obtain a limited-time texture that they did not previously obtain, which was patched in the update of Season 5: Let the Memes Begin! on August 7th, 2021.


The Speedometer is a feature added on the Winter 2021 Update. This feature revamps most of the vehicle GUI (except the controls GUI). The speedometer contains:

Spedometer transparent red.png

Disabling Vehicles

Main article: Vehicle Disabling

Vehicles can be disabled and stopped in various ways, allowing players to get close and defeat their enemies.

For most land vehicles, getting shot by a gun or driving over Road Spikes will cause the tires to burst and will remain popped for ten seconds, after which the tires will regenerate and allow the driver to drive their vehicle again. The same happens to most Criminals' cars when a Police car rams into them, but the tires will only remain popped for only two-three seconds (excluding volt bike).

The same applies to most air vehicles, but instead, the air vehicle will start making an alarm noise and fall to the ground. Before the Balance Update, players used to be able to jump out and back in when air vehicles were disabled, and the vehicle would regenerate automatically. This was patched soon later.

However, even when disabled, vehicles can still roll down hills and (only for land vehicles) use Rocket Fuel as a potential escape.

Some vehicles are immune to disabling. Water vehicles cannot be sunk, and planes cannot be shot down. But more strangely, all vehicles using the bike chassis (Dirtbike, Patrol, and Dune Buggy) have tires that cannot be popped, despite being able to be popped by using Road Spikes.

Rocket Fuel

Main article: Rocket Fuel

  • Helicopter-type aircraft (including the UFO) has a rope. Originally, its only use was carrying a player, but now it can pick up many vehicles (excluding vehicles with players inside), along with crates from the Cargo Ship, which can be turned into the Warehouse near the Cargo Port to redeem money.
  • For Police, helicopters, the Drone, and previously the Blade, they feature a spotlight that can slow down Criminals on foot. The effect is rather helpful for assisting other Police in catching up to and arresting Criminals but is vastly less effective on its own.
  • The Delorean can drive on water, which no other vehicles can do.
  • The Volt, Volt 4X4, and Banana Car have customizable trails that will appear when being driven.
    • Despite the Concept having a trail and a light strip, only the light strip can be customized.
  • The Black Hawk and Jet both have powerful missiles equipped. The Black Hawk's does around 20-40 damage each, while the Jet's does 80 on a direct hit. It costs Cash Icon.png5,000 in-game cash for a pack of ten missiles.
    • The Agent is equipped with a pair of missile launchers on its front fenders, which appear when someone sits in the driver's seat; each deals a maximum of 25 damage. However, they cannot be aimed, and can only be fired in the direction the car is facing.
  • Bombs are another vehicle weapon, exclusive to helicopters and The Agent. They also cost Cash Icon.png5,000 for a pack of 10 (The Black Hawk counts both bombs and missiles under "explosives", and not separate weapons). They do around 30 damage and need a very precise aim.
  • The Celestial, SWAT Van, and Bank Truck have turrets, dealing 4 damage per shot, and need a two-second cooldown after firing continuously. To access these respectively, players need GoldenRobux.png300 for the BOSS Gamepass, GoldenRobux.png350 for the SWAT Gamepass, and/or be a Police officer and start the Bank Truck heist.
  • The now-removed Blade could hover off the ground. The Drone that replaced it has this ability too.
  • The Ambulance has a stretcher in the back of it. If players sit in it, they regenerate 10HP per second, similar to how the Forcefield Launcher works. Players are not immune to taking damage while in the Ambulance.
  • The Firetruck's hose can shoot water out of it. For putting out a fire with it, they are rewarded Cash Icon.png100 (Cash Icon.png120 for VIP owners). It also has a retractable ladder that allows players to access higher areas. It also pushes players away if they are standing in front of the Firetruck and the hose is on.
  • Vehicles using the bike chassis, namely the Dirtbike, Patrol, and Dune Buggy, cannot have their tires popped by either using weapons or Road Spikes. Bounties can still be collected by using the Road Spikes.
  • The Jeep and the Boxer have a functional convertible roof, which allows players to use it as a convertible or a soft-top. This can be done by pressing the "G" key on the keyboard or tapping the exclamation mark icon on mobile.
  • The Deja has a unique drift trail similar to the one seen in Initial D.
  • The Bank Truck is the only drivable heist in the game, and can only be driven by Police officers after 20 arrests have been made.
  • Many vehicles, such as the Eclaire, have detailed interiors, which allow for first-person driving. To do so, the player must press the "C" key or the camera button on mobile devices.

Special Abilities

A few Jailbreak vehicles have special abilities. These range from passive abilities such as hovering and role-playing capabilities, to more sophisticated ones such as the power to fire missiles.


GUI 3.0

The previous appearance of vehicle GUI, during the NASCAR Update.


Notifications regarding vehicles.

GUI 2.0

The appearance of vehicle GUI, before the NASCAR Update.


Notifications regarding vehicles.

GUI 1.0

The appearance of vehicle GUI, before the 2020 Nukes update.


  • As of the Garage V1 Update, players can spawn any land vehicle they own at their location and drive it. However, it requires the Premium Garage Gamepass to do so from any location other than a Garage.
    • As of the aforementioned update, players now cannot spawn vehicles if an opposite team is nearby.
    • Players without the Premium Garage Gamepass can only spawn the Camaro, Jeep, Pickup Truck, SWAT Van and the Celestial, with a cooldown of 8 minutes.
  • Prisoners and Criminals need to press/hold "E" on the cockpit of the Helicopter and Little Bird, and vehicles in the Police Stations to steal it (referred to in-game as "Hijacking"). This does not apply to any other vehicles outside the Police stations.
  • Cars and helicopters can be used to make players harder to hit when they enter them, making them useful in fights when a player is in low health. Note that players can still be hit unless driving the Patrol, Dirtbike, and Dune Buggy (this is due to a glitch in the bike chassis that underpins them).
  • A Police officer can eject all Criminals in a car by pressing "E" on their vehicle with handcuffs equipped. Whomever the driver is can eject individual players from their vehicle by clicking their name in the bottom right corner, next to the lock GUI.
  • Driving a vehicle on an old and/or low-end device may cause lag and may give players a higher chance to glitch out while driving.
  • As of July 6th, 2018, vehicles cannot be locked near another vehicle's spawn. This is to prevent Police from locking nearby vehicles, making it harder for Criminals to escape.
  • When the game was first released, vehicles were limited to only the Camaro, Police Camaro, and Model 3.
  • Although the most expensive current vehicle, the Concept, costs Cash Icon.png2,500,000, asimo3089 once hinted at adding a hidden vehicle that would cost Cash Icon.png100,000,000 and it only appears to those who have enough to buy it. He has never mentioned the idea again.[5]
  • After hitting top speeds, a lot of vehicles' engine noises seem to get infinitely higher. This is called a Shepard Tone.
  • As of the update of Season 6: Race to the Top on October 1st, 2021, there was a glitch that allowed players to use their weapon while driving a vehicle, which was later patched shortly after.
    • To do the glitch, drop the selected weaponry on the floor, get inside their specified vehicle, and go over the weapon - if they see an E button, do not press E but instead click the button with the mouse. They can then use their weapon while driving a vehicle.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • The most recent vehicle added to Jailbreak is the Macaron.
  • The latest vehicles to receive a remodeling is the Camaro, Pickup, Helicopter, SWAT Van, and Celestial.
  • The latest vehicle to receive a nerf was the La Matador, which happened in the Return of 5 Days of Vehicles Update.
  • When in the water, all ground vehicles will slow down slightly.
  • Currently, there are four emergency-based vehicles in the game, the SWAT Van, the Firetruck, the Ambulance, and the Interrogator.
  • As of now, there are thirteen vehicles that are free, of which three are obtainable (the Jeep, Helicopter, and Camaro, while nine were rewards from seasons (the Beam Hybrid, Crew Capsule, Volt 4X4, Rattler, Banana Car, Beignet, Icebreaker, Celsior, Jackrabbit and Macaron).
  • The Crew Capsule is currently the only aerial vehicle that can be spawned both by using the Premium Garage Pass and on the regular garages. However, the Celsior is too.
    • Lia's Spaceship is another possible aerial vehicle that can be spawned by using the Premium Garage Gamepass or the regular garages, although the details are unknown as only L_iiaa owns it.
  • Stock vehicles come in the colors of grey, yellow, blue, and orange except for:
  • As of the Winter 2018 Update, with the introduction of Event Seasons, some vehicles require being a certain level along with the money.
  • The slowest vehicle in Jailbreak is the Stunt, while the slowest land vehicle is the Tank.
    • The true fastest vehicle in Jailbreak is the Brulee, while the fastest obtainable vehicle is the Eclaire.
  • There are three emojis featuring vehicles in the Jailbreak Official Discord Server: including the Camaro, Eclaire, and Volt.
  • Like in real life, the taillights of vehicles in Jailbreak when decelerating, braking, or drifting will turn red.
    • Similar to how an electric car would behave, when slowing down, the Model 3, Cybertruck, and Roadster will slow down greatly without the need for brakes.
  • The Black Hawk, Jeep, Jet and the Tank are the only military-based vehicles in-game.
  • Sometimes, players cannot enter a vehicle due to server lag or internet issues.
  • If the Celestial and the SWAT Van had their Robux prices translated to the in-game cash system, these vehicles would likely be priced at nearly Cash Icon.png25,000
  • When a player enters a vehicle, the doors will not open, instead, the player teleports inside.
    • The Ambulance has toggleable doors in the back stretcher, however, this can only be toggled by the driver.
    • A vehicle with opening doors, such as the Drone and the Delorean are open by default. They only close and open when the driver gets in or out of it, respectively. Players who enter the passenger seat of a vehicle with opening doors will not trigger the doors to close.
  • For unknown reasons, when a Criminal enters a Police vehicle, the sirens will not disappear, but when a Police officer enters a previously Criminal-driven vehicle, the sirens will appear.
  • The most expensive vehicle is the Concept, which costs Cash Icon.png$2,500,000.
    • However, it shows that Lia's Spaceship costs Cash Icon.png$1,000,000,000, but it is only obtainable for L_iiaa and nobody else. As if a player tries to buy it will give you the Notification "Vehicle is retired."
    • The cheapest vehicle in the game is the Pickup, only costing Cash Icon.png$9,000.
    • However the Camaro was stated by asimo3089 to cost Cash Icon.png$500 eventually, for the time being, it is free.
  • Planes and water vehicles don't have vehicle GUIs.
  • Planes and water vehicles are the only vehicles that do not support the Vehicle Stereo Gamepass.
  • The Stunt and the Jet despawn faster than any other vehicle in the game.
  • Vehicles despawn when not being used after a while.
  • As of the February 2020 Update, all vehicles were given the metal material, which slowed them down due to the many reports by players, this was soon compensated for, with all the vehicles buffed. This is what caused the La Matador to be buffed so significantly, as the low profile of the car, when changed to metal, did not affect it too much. The buff increased top speed and acceleration drastically.
  • In the Gun Skins Update, Badimo retired the Steed, Mighty, and Brulee. In July 2020, Badimo retired the SUV and Megalodon. In the Fall 2020 Update, Badimo retired the Posh. In June 2021, Badimo retired the Dune Buggy. In Janurary 2022, Badimo retired the Airtail and the Classic.
  • The only vehicles to have mirrors are The Camper, Icebreaker, and the Tow Truck.
  • The Eclaire, Surus, Model 3, Stallion, Concept, Challenger, Deja, Ray, Boxer, Cybertruck, Delorean, The Camper, Bank Truck, Beam Hybrid, Crew Capsule, La Matador, Roadster, Airtail, Volt 4X4, Torero, Ray 9, The Rattler, Camaro, Sentinel, Celestial, Pickup, Trailblazer, SWAT Van, Banana Car, Beignet, Free NASCAR, NASCAR, Icebreaker, Badger, Tow Truck, Celsior, MCL36, and the Jackrabbit are the only vehicles to have first-person driving as a feature.
    • Not to also mention, the Jeep, Posh, Dune Buggy, Black Hawk, M12 Molten and Classic have interiors though there is no first-person view mechanic and the interiors are not detailed.
      • For some reason, all cars have the first-person camera GUI, showing an option for first-person driving, but for cars without interior, it doesn't do anything.
      • Also, all retired vehicles (excluding Airtail) and some seasonal vehicles don't have an interior.
  • Players can spawn and customize cars in the customization dock and on the roof of Garage 1, even though it is supposed to be only for water vehicles and aerial vehicles, respectively.
  • In the June 2020 Update, all vehicles were essentially bulletproof, but once the vehicle was disabled, the player inside the vehicle can get damaged.
    • During September 2021 at the Return of 5 Day of Vehicles Update, players inside a vehicle couldn't be damaged at all however this was resolved a day later.
  • As of June 7th, 2020, the Black Hawk, Little Bird, a Helicopter, and the UFO (as of July 2th, 2020) can pick up an empty vehicle (except aerial vehicles) by using its rope, however, it severely slows down the vehicle carrying the vehicle.
    • This is done in the same way as picking up a cargo crate in the Cargo Ship robbery.
    • Despite Lia's Spaceship "costing" Cash Icon.png$1,000,000,000, it doesn't count since it's unobtainable, even if a player has enough money, and L_iiaa got the vehicle for free without any deduction of her cash.
  • The UFO, Stallion, Model 3, Volt and La Matador are the only vehicles to receive a remodel however the Roadster, Camaro, Pickup, Cybertruck, Helicopter, SWAT Van and the Celestial are the only vehicles to have an interior addition despite not having a major remodel.
  • Helicopters have changed GUI more than other vehicles, more specifically the addition of new features to them.
    • This is due to dropping bombs, the rope, and helicopter spotlights.
  • The Mighty, Steed, Megalodon, Posh, SUV and Brulee used to spawn naturally with stripes, although in the Return of 5 Day of Vehicles update, the stripes were removed and replaced with a "Classic" plaque.
  • The SWAT Van, ATV, Black Hawk, and Celestial are featured in all of the Jailbreak playsets.
    • However, they have some slight differences compared to the in-game vehicles.
  • The passengers of vehicles used to not take any damage.
    • This was patched in the October 2020 Update.
    • However this seems to still be the case with the Bank Truck.
      • Bank Truck is the only vehicle that doesn't have the lock GUI and can not be customized.
    • This might be because the Bank Truck has a completely bulletproof body and glass windows.
  • The only player-exclusive vehicle is Lia's Spaceship, given to L_iiaa as a congratulatory gift for being the richest player in Jailbreak, with over 1B cash.
  • The Pickup Truck and Deja can be purchased by completing only one heist.
  • The Bank Truck is the only robbery vehicle that can be driven by players, however, it can be only driven by Police officers.
  • The Brulee and Blade are the only vehicles that gave previous owners cash when their spawn points were removed.
  • The Brulee and other retired vehicles except the Police Camaro and the Blade can be driven although you get a refund for Brulee, you can still drive that vehicle like the Brulee can be driven although retired and gave a cash refund
  • As of February 2021, along with the implementation of Dogs, they can be seen sitting in and out of some vehicles.
    • However, they cannot sit on the bikes, ATV, and Torero, due to lack of space.
  • In Miscellaneous Update 103, many vehicles in the game were renamed, due to possible future copyright strikes.
    • The same thing had also happened to the La Matador in Miscellaneous Update 112.
  • As of the update of Season 5: Let the Memes Begin! on August 7th, 2021, the Camaro, Pickup, Helicopter, SWAT Van, and Celestial got interiors.
  • The Torpedo, M12 Molten, Volt 4X4, and Beignet are the only vehicles to have a stock spoiler causing them to not have custom equippable spoilers.


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