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Not to be confused with the Rising City Criminal Base.


The Volcano Criminal Base is one of the Criminal Bases and Criminal spawns in Jailbreak. It is located near the Town.

Power Plant Uranium, Passenger Train, Museum, Casino, and optionally, the Jewelry Store cash are turned in to the collector in the base.


The Volcano Criminal Base can be easy to miss for new players, as there is nothing to point out its existence except for a faint dirt trail and smoke from the volcano.

The base is a spacious circular metallic room. At the center is a pool of lava that can be accessed by the mouth of the volcano. The ceiling is lined with modern orange lighting.

In the tunnel contains a prison jumpsuit clothes rack and two tables with a Shotgun and a Pistol on each table. The base also consists of a Camaro spawn, a Wraith spawn, and a Lamborghini spawn. The Dinosaur Bones easter egg can be seen above the Lamborghini spawn. The Evil Lair was once also the spawn of the R8, M12 Molten, and the Torpedo.

With the Rocket Fuel Update, players can use their car to ramp into the base, entering the base from the exit tunnel. This can also be accomplished with an extremely fast vehicle, like the Torpedo or Bugatti, and use the ramp from across the river, although this requires a lot of luck and precision.

Unlike the City Criminal Base, the police cannot open the main entrance's gate unless a criminal opens it, which is done by simply walking near it. However, Police are capable of entering through the ramp or entering via the Evil Lair if they have level 4.

Before the revamp, the Volcano Criminal Base was smaller in terms of size. The central room had shipping containers hanging from the ceiling. Players cannot access the lava from inside the base or from the Evil Lair as they might fall in easily and die. The garage extends into a tunnel lit primarily by lamps hanging from wooden beams with a giant red sign reading "EXIT". as of recently, the red exit sign was replaced by a giant yellow arrow.

During the 2B Update, the volcano housed inside the criminal base erupted, resulting in the destruction and redesign of the city. This event was broadcasted live across all servers, and could be replayed in VIP servers for a few days after the initial event. In the aftermath, red smoke was leading from the volcano to the city.

During the Oceans and Ships Update of April 2020, the Volcano base was revamped to look taller, feature an iron fence in its main entrance gate, and removed the vending machines from the Evil Lair's entrance.

Underneath the Volcano Criminal Base is the Evil Lair, added in the 2018 Winter Update, which is only accessible by level 20 criminals in Season 1, level 5 criminals in Season 2, level 10 criminals in Season 3 and 4, and Level 4 in Season 1: New Beginnings and Season 2: Out Of This World!. It formerly held the spawn of the Torpedo and R8, which was replaced by a Camaro spawn before being replaced by a Lamborghini as of the Ocean/Ships Update. The hologram displays all the locations and players in-game, marking open heists and robbery locations as green buildings, criminals and prisoners as spinning cubes with their bounty below their name in red, and police officers as white cubes with their names above it.

During the Volcano Eruption Update on September 29, 2020, the Volcano Criminal Base and the nearby Town received a revamp. The Volcano Criminal Base now has more lava and magma rock, while the Town was partly destroyed by lava flooding the area. During the update of October 4, 2020 that followed, the base received a new floor texture and along with a new limited vehicle, the M12 Molten (costed Cash Icon.png$599,000) which was obtainable for 10 days after the update, retiring on October 13, 2020.


The Volcano Criminal Base is a central location of where criminals can hang out, grab weapons, turn in their cash from robberies, and change out of their Prison jumpsuit by using the clothing rack. If players own the BOSS gamepass, their prison jumpsuit will be automatically removed when they escape the Prison.

Criminals who rob the Power Plant, Passenger Train, Museum, Casino, and optionally, the Jewelry Store must come here to obtain their cash. Therefore, it is a hot spot for the Police, but unlike the Rising City Criminal Base, it can be harder for police to infiltrate this base as their vehicles can be blocked by its gates.


Second Revamp

The Volcano Criminal Base as of the 5 Year Anniversary update.


The Volcano Criminal Base as of October 2020.


The erupted Volcano Criminal Base as of September 29, 2020.


The Volcano Criminal Base after the Ocean/Ships Live and HD Racing Update.


The Volcano Criminal Base before the Ocean/Ships Live and HD Racing Update.


Others revamp teaser images relating the Volcano Base.


The Volcano Criminal Base featuring in thumbnails.

Future lightning

The Volcano Criminal Base featuring the new lightning updates.


  • The Volcano Criminal Base was added in the update following the public release of Jailbreak.
  • When jumping into the lava pit at the Volcano Criminal Base, due to fall damage and the fact that the lava decreases the health bar, players are bound to die instantly if attempting to enter it.
    • This can be avoided by parachuting into the lava and not moving while being on the lava, though the player is trapped and cannot leave without a friend with a helicopter.
  • In the Museum Update, the Volcano Base received two collectors who collect players' loot from robbing the Museum and the Passenger Train. The male collector was removed in the 5 Year Anniversary Update.
    • According to a Roblox toy, these collectors are labeled "Unkempt Collector" (male) and "Kempt Collector" (female).
    • Both collectors wear the Golden Wings of the Pathfinder, an item from the Ready Player One event that Jailbreak was a part of.
  • The Evil Lair was unlocked by reaching level 20 on the Criminal team in Season 1, level 5 on the Criminal team in Season 2 and level 10 ever since. As of now, you need level 4 in order to enter it.
  • As of the Miscellaneous Update of February 6th, 2020, if a player touches the volcano it will erupt and a sound effect of Darth Vader yelling "no" will play. This sound comes from the Star Wars movie Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
  • The Volcano Criminal Base was refreshed in the Oceans/Ships Update, with its entrance recolored to matte, the neon signs changed into a bright orange shade, and the addition of fence walls.
  • Previously, there was a sofa and an unusable vending machine on the fake floor layout, but they have since been removed during the Nukes! Update.
  • As part of the October 2020 update, the volcano erupted, destroying itself and the Town with it. It was later rebuilt to be much taller and much more noticeable, along with a revamped Town.
  • The lava texture (the one with the animation) is from Flood Escape 2.