The Water Tower is a minor location in Jailbreak. It is located in the desert section of the map, a few feet away from the bridge crossing the river near the second criminal base.

This location was added to make the map appear not as empty, and to overall give the game some zest. It also changes color seasonally and throughout some updates.

The McLaren also used to spawn near the Water Tower in the 2017 Winter Update, but its spawn was moved to the City.

One Billion Visits Update

In the 1B Visits Update, the Water Tower was purple and was spilling out Rocket Fuel. This was hinting the 4/1/18 Update, like the Meteor Easter Egg.

Alien Update

The Water Tower was leaking Rocket Fuel, and there are cracks and a hole where the Rocket Fuel is leaking out of. This Rocket Fuel was purely cosmetic and served no use.

1 Year Update

The Water Tower was dark green/blue. No more Rocket Fuel spilled out.

2B Visits Update

The Water Tower is now red, possibly a reference to the lava that spewed out of the volcano nearby.

2018 Winter Update

The Water Tower looks similar to the one from the 2017 Winter Update but is more white.



  • The Water Tower was added in the Official Release update.
  • The Water Tower had many colors in the past, like white, purple, blue, orange, and now, red!
  • In the Alien Update, Rocket Fuel was spilling out of its tank, although now, it has returned back to normal in the Back to Earth Update.
  • The McLaren used to spawn near this location for a day. However the spawn was changed to the current location in a patch update.