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Weather is a feature added in the Monster Truck Update, which included rain, snow, & lightning weather, along with a fall theme. In the 2017 Winter Update, the developers added snow weather as well as a snow themed map, but this was removed in the Rocket Fuel Update. Lightning will have a random chance of hitting and killing you, however, this is very unlikely. If you are struck as a criminal, you re-spawn back at one of the criminal bases and as a cop, you will re-spawn at either Police Station 1 or Police Station 2. If you fly an aerial vehicle, own the skyscraper apartment, go to the top of the radio tower, or climb a high mountain, you can see above some or all of the clouds. Usually, the duration of a raining episode is 4 minutes. As of Spoiler/Wings Customization Update, the weather has been upgraded. Cars now have less grip and can slip when driving in the rain (like pressing shift does), and the lightning has been made foggier/eerier. Clouds have two layers now instead of one, to add to the realistic aspect of Jailbreak.



  • The in-game time stops when it begins to rain.
  • The weather was changed from rain to snow in the 2017 Winter Update, and changed back to rain in the 2/4/18 Update.
  • In the 1B Visits Update, it used to rain confetti in celebration of 1B visits Jailbreak received, though it still uses the rain audio.
  • There's a major and common glitch where the rain will fall through solid objects, including the map and buildings. This has been somewhat patched.
  • Weather was used to a player's advantage during the Ready Player One Event, since the original event required you to drive a vehicle into the orange house at a specific time. Since weather stops in-game time, the weather allowed players more time to drive a vehicle into the orange house.
  • Though the weather stops in-game time, it doesn't affect the Bank, Jewelry Store, Museum, Gas Station, Donut Stop, and the Train and their opening times.
  • Lightning is solid, meaning you can't go through it.
  • Weather does not affect you when you're inside a building.
  • It is common to see helicopters using the clouds to disguise themselves when it is storming in-game.
  • As of 7/6/2018, when it's about to rain the sky looks more realistic, along with the lighting.
  • Also as of 7/6/2018, when it rains the roads are more slippery.
  • In the 2018 Winter Update, snow weather was not added, instead it rains instead of snowing.