The Wraith, also known as the Rolls Royce, was added to Jailbreak in the Weapons/Items Update. It can seat up to 3 people (driver, passenger, and minigunner). It is quite a fast car, but not as fast as a supercar. To use the minigun or the vehicle, the player must have the BOSS Gamepass, which costs 300 Robux. The Wraith can be found in 2 locations; the City Criminal Base, and the Volcano Criminal Base. This vehicle is more of a tactical vehicle that allows players to utilize it in police chases/driving combat. If the driver is able to maneuver properly, they can quickly turn the car around while still moving backwards and give the player on the minigun a chance to get a shot at the vehicles in pursuit.

Advantages Disadvantages
Decent brakes on level 3 and above. Below average Level 1 brakes.
Has a minigun on top of the car. Slow with Level 1 engine.
Decent acceleration. Minigun must cool down after a few seconds.
Decent top speed. Only has three seats (driver + passenger, and passenger controlling minigun).
Decent handling. Requires BOSS Gamepass to drive and use the minigun (the minigun can also be used with those who have the SWAT Gamepass).
Spawns in two locations. It may get stuck in small areas (because of the minigun).
Is faster than the SWAT Van with any engine. Slow for a special ability vehicle, just like the Ambulance.
The Minigun can be used by players with SWAT gamepass.
Can get on top of the Train easily due to the minigun.



  • This is the second vehicle to cost Robux, along with the SWAT Van.
  • This is one of two vehicles that has a mini-gun, along with the SWAT Van.
  • When asimo3089 first introduced the Wraith on Twitter, it did not have the Vehicle Miniguns on top of the car, Badimo then tweeted out a picture of a mini-gun on the Wraith.
  • asimo3089 said on Twitter that this was one of the hardest vehicles to make in Blender.
  • This is the only car in-game that has and can have two body colors.
  • When first released, passengers could operate the minigun without the BOSS Gamepass or the SWAT Gamepass but Badimo removed that feature. Players now have to own the BOSS Gamepass or the SWAT Gamepass to operate the mini-gun. This made much of the community upset.
  • This is the third vehicle equipped with self-defense weapons, the first and second being the SWAT Van and BlackHawk respectively.
  • This vehicle received a slight speed buff after its debut in the game.